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let's do this.

office hour.
1 hr

We believe in investing in our community and empowering entrepreneurs, dreamers, and the curious to pursue their dreams.

This isn't just a wishful sentiment to us.


We meet with founders, teams and individuals each week. It's up to you how and on what you want to spend the one-hour session with our founder, Liza Tullidge. Whatever the focus, we will help you identify the headlines and next steps to take to leverage your goals into reality.

// remember, this is your time. you'll only get out of it what you're willing to put in, ask for and give. so come with an open mind, embracing vulnerability, ready to learn and be challenged. this is your time to "risk it," to say those ideas you've never dared to say out loud. there is no such thing as failure or success in this space, just learning + exploration. //

While we do these sessions pro-bono, we request a £100 donation that goes entirely to charities. We partner with charities who match our mission to promote sustainability, social good and tackling the most pressing challenging problems facing us today. To learn more about our impact-oriented charitable initiatives, please contact us.

If you are interested in implementing longer term initiatives, coaching or multiple sessions, please click here.

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